I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!
I started uploading videos of Star Project.

I don't have much at the moment, but I'll gradually upload everything I've unlocked.

Trying to unlock mobile ones, but they are too hard to crack. I have to spend money. Otherwise, it's near impossible...

Anyway, the Youtube channel is this way.

Right now, only uploading short ones. Getting them done with. So there are only useless ones. I was subbing them as I upload, but I guess I'll get back to subbing after I've uploaded them all and start uploading some of the stories.

I have Suh Vin's recorded, so I'll start with those.
When I think the quality is bad with off sync with letters and sound, I'll have to re-record it though. T_T

Star Project is too high quality for my network speed to catch up...
(I can't even play dance minigame since it lags and I just can't get the timing right. :/)

Anyway, wish me luck!
(Hope the videos I upload don't get taken by Atoonz... The maker of Star Project. I can't say anything about it since they have the right to the game. But it'll be sad that people won't be able to read the good stories...)

PS: Hope the Star Project last long enough for me to record them all. It is not doing well in Korea as well. Not enough staff and it's a dying community too. :/ I love stories like these... Too bad I won't be able to see anything like this for free in a while.


  1. Yeah your videos of the subs are gone... maybe you can upload them to a google drive and upload the link here?

  2. Are you playing Mystic Messenger? A character there named Jumin has the same voice actor as Ian lol. It's like really popular right now in Western fandom and I assume the same for Korea..? But it's fun and you should pick it up if you haven't already

    1. Hey, Jang Kim who voiced Zen also voiced Suh-Bin in Star Project, you know ;)

    2. Oh, and Hosan Lee who voiced V, he also voiced Ren ;)

    3. I didn't know there were still people who are interested in this blog. 0_0
      I'll try my best to come back. (For now, mid term. T_T)

    4. In Korea, Mystic Messenger isn't that hotly issued. But I love those kind of games and are tracking them whenever possible. 'ㅅ')9
      I have picked it up, but I have things to sort out first.

  3. Thank you for those who are continuing to be interested. I'll try to wrap up this site as soon as possible. The plan to upload subbed video would be hard as it consumes more time than I expected. (Translation isn't hard, but putting them in place sure is.)
    I'll try to upload the videos of main story as the priority. I expect this to take place over vacation at the earliest, so it'll take some time.

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, and thank you for those who waited for me.