I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!

Slowly uploading recordings

Currently slowly uploading recordings but without translation and without pretty thumbnail. I'll make one later... Nothing pretty, but a simple one.

I'm not going in particular order for side stories.

As for main stories, I'm going in order of:
Ren (WonYoung) > Torian (Leon) > GaEul > MiYoo > Ian > Vin > Yoon (Touya)

Currently re-conquering characters to see good endings and record stories of Great Success for Appearances and Dating.

While at it, I'm going to organize my blog. I've never noticed how it's messy and not working the way it should be.

As for translation of the recordings, I'll probably end up providing a link to a post with English translation in the description box. Rather than taking time translating, putting them in place took too much time for me to consider it inefficient.

As for Jay, the new character released on the mobile version only, I'm not sure. It's too tough to crack him and I'd like to move on to my next otome, Mystic Messenger. (The news about Mystic Messenger will be uploaded on Story Maniac. I decided that I better make a blog of all otome, webtoons, and anime I watch since I wanted to record them all and can't manage them separately.)

In Summary:
1. Started uploading stories (neater thumbnails later)
2. Translations on blog (linking videos to blog)
3. Cleaning up blog to navigate how I intended
(4. Next project: Mystic Messengers. On a blog other than this one.)

I'm sad how the service ended in the US... :(

I'll try so I'll upload the recordings for any fans who can't play Korean versions to see the rest of the stories and stories of the others.


스프온 영상들을 업로드 하기 시작했습니다.
메인 스토리의 업로드 순서는
원영 > 레온 > 가을 > 미유 > 이안 > 빈 > 윤
이지만 서브 스토리들은 나오는데로 업로드 할 계획입니다.

블로그가 제가 원하던데로 정리되어 있지 않은 경우도 많더라고요 그래서 영상 업로드 하면서 블로그 정리도 틈틈히 할 계획입니다. (많이는 안 하겠지만요.)

그 후:
그리고 스프온이 다 정리되면 다음은 수상한 메신저를 공략 & 기록해보려 합니다.
수상한 메신저 관련은 이 블로그가 아니라 제가 플레이한 모든 게임, 읽었던 만화들, 시청했던 애니들에 대해 총합적으로 올릴 실험여우 블로그에 올릴 예정입니다.

이 블로그처럼 한글, 영어를 동시 진행하는 것은 다소 지저분하게 되서 이번에는 따로 따로 할 예정입니다.
영어 블로그는 Story Mania, 한국어 블로그는 실험여우로요. 둘 다 아직 비어있는 상태입니다.

그저 혹시나 관심있는 분이 계실까하는 마음에 남깁니다.


  1. Thank you for this!, I always ALWAYS wanted to know about the stories of all the characters of Star Project, this is so wonderful, for me it means a lot for me, really, even english isn't my firts language, but I will be waiting excited the stories, thanks again!!!

  2. Ankara merkezli sanal gerçeklik oyun merkezi kurulum hizmetleri
    VR CAFE Türkiye'de hizmet ve faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.

    1. sorry can't speak any language besides Korean and English. Google Translate didn't work out either.

  3. Annyeong haseyo!If you are still reading comments on this blog...
    I'm really interested in Korean voice actors/actresses,then heard about such a game like Star Project recently.I'd like to enjoy all songs from the game,but I can't understand Korean.
    How many character songs it has released?I found only full version of "character song 1st" via internet.How can I get or buy the 2nd CD?(found a picture of it) Are there any songs else sang by voice actors?
    It might be a complicated question,anyway look forward to your reply.
    Thank you !!!