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Help Me!

So, I was going to post (with subtitles) the scenarios of various stars (probably start with MiYoo since I've "conquered" her. Muhahahaha), but one problem... (kinda...)

The recordings have way too many bumps!

For those of you who saw the scenario videos I've posted would know... the recording stops too often and the sound is off from it's correct place...

It's NOT because of my internet speed (though I do have to admit mine isn't the best one, but anyway)

It's because of the program I use to record it...

I'm using BB Flashback for recording, but it has problem of not being able to record some frames and thus making bunch of bumps in the video...

To the point:
Is there any other program that shows better quality recording and is free? (I'm a cheapskate. $.$)
If it's not free, still... tell me...

(I can still post the ones I have, but the quality is bothering me way more than I thought it would... I need something better to use.)

I need ones that...
1. No problem even when recording for a long time
2. Do not show mouse cursor on the recording
(If possible, no watermark too...)
3. Smooth recording (no bumps)
4. Can record sound on computer.
5. No time limit for using (download and keep forever)

If you know ones that fit at least one of the requirement please tell me!

Please, please tell me/leave a comment if you know any!

Edit: 3/29/13
Until I can have a better recording of the scenarios, I'm thinking of leaving it aside and may be work on "Still You".


  1. Hello, thanks for always sharing with us.
    I heard that CamStudio is a pretty good program to record things. And completely free.
    Have you tried it before?

    1. I did. For some reason, I decided against it. Ty for reminding me. I'm going to check out why I decided to not use it...

  2. Replies
    1. Ohh! That's one I haven't heard of! Maybe I'll try that once I can get back onto the Star Project!