I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!

Warning: Slow uploading & List of will-do-someday stuffs & bonus

I thought I can make a comeback, but seems very unlikely for a very long time...

Things I will upload... someday: (well this list is more for me than more for you anywho.)

Still You
     step 1: lyrics (separate from video)
     step 2: lyrics + video (someday, yes ppl, someday... I'll get this done....)

Scenario Videos
need to record:
WonYoung (6~31)
GaEul (3~ something that's not 31)
MiYoo (7~ something that's not 31)
Ian (7 ~ something that's not 31)
SuhBin (1~ something like 5)
need to upload:
WonYoung 3~5
GaEul 1~2
MiYoo 1~6
Ian 1~6
    step 1: edit the videos so they have all three scenario of choices (if with choices)
    step 2: upload (not subbed)
    step 3: SUB them (I'm guess it'll take like... what? a month? a year? gosh I hope I knew.)
& same for
some dating & special CG for lessons....
(I love them... they're adorable... when I don't have to watch them over and over for subbing... :/)

Fan Pictures that were very high quality & unique & cutesy <3 <3 <3 some are just awesome
Fan comic/manhwa strips
(some were making my heart go doki doki (or kongdak kongdak - the Korean version))

Finding more songs that're Star Project related and are rolling around on Youtube...
(I saw some... didn't get to get them...)
(Oh by the way, anyone know how to embed a song onto the blog so it'll play automatically when someone opens this blog? Wanted to ever since I started this blog, but never was able to! (me = semi-technosaurus)

If you know any of them already done, then tell me/ comment on this post for me. I'mma gonna embed that.

Guestimated time for any of song & videos...
I might be able to put them up at the end of June... It's only a guestimate (one worse than estimate)
Until then, I'm going to try entertaining you people with some of my favorite fan pix & fics~ Every other week or so... maybe...

For now, enjoy Yoon cosplaying Shizou:
... :/
NOOO it got deleted... I swear it was there and Yoon was looking exactly like Shizuo (from DRRR)!!!

Anyway... oh well...

Enjoy Won Young dressed non-awkwardly
like a normal beautiful person:
- Surfing on Korean SP Screen Shot board = My only way to satisfy my desire to dress up characters
(cheep and still satisfying :D... well, most of the times...)

Uh... yeah... good try...?
Somewhat strangely appealing, but somewhat strangely... well... strange...

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  1. I'll love you if you can upload some video with subtitling or the video with text in . txt, .doc or other format of read :D

    Especially in the case of Mi-yoo, Ian and Bin, considering that the English version is slooooooooooooooow and for been over a year waiting for Leon / Torian <. < Imagine when the others stars will come ...
    And we want to see to all of the stars!