I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!

Of course, I log into Korean one after months and months of times and...

this happens:

From top to bottom:
Manager's Face Finally Exposed?!

At Cacao Page, meet Star Project Handy Nobel!!

Don't ask me who or what Handy Nobel is... I have no idea... Neither do I know of Cacao Page...
and I don't know why Koreans want to know her face since it's been already exposed in Japan... hmm...

All this tells me is that... OMG!!! THIS STAR PROJECT (K) IS UPDATING WAY TOO FREAKISHLY FAST!!! can't ever catch up :/ ... T.T (?)... should I be going :/ or T.T? well, or <3 <3...
In anyway I'm sure I'm annoying those who can't read English :P

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