I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!

Pictures of Star Project Goodies

There was a lot I've missed @_@
Goodies, Events, and Event Costumes...

First, Goodies!
Cellphone accessories
"Tea Party" Poster
Various Posters and CD for Ian's special story

More Posters

Cushions & "Cleaners"
(Glasses Cleaner Clothes I guess...)
Badges & Postcards

WonYoung Tumbler

WonYoung Cushion
(I don't think I can ever sleep with this. Even though I'd love to hug it.)
"Band" posters and postcards
(It was for Thanks Giving event - although I'm pretty sure they sell these too.)

Emoticons of Manager
(Used on popular Korean social network media, KakaoTalk)
I'd love to have them all, but I'll be penniless before I realize. @_@
Plus, they're only on for a short time, like an event, so it's hard to get my hands on them...

Some characters you haven't seen are characters of "Spy Muse", a Love Simulation mobile game made by the same group.
I'd love to play it, but it wasn't playing on my phone (when mine was pretty new at the time... Galaxy Note 4 and all...). And when I was going to try it again, it was gone...

T_T Please live on Star Project... I don't want you dead!!!

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