I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!

A good news and maybe a bad news.

Hello~ I wonder if people're still using this site. I haven't been doing anything here for so long now.

Good news #1:
Welp, a good news is that I'm going to Korea this summer and I might be able to get the i-Pin to play the game again! Yay!

Bad news is:
I probably won't have time to play the game and see SuhBin's endings... T^T My life...
I saw SuhBin's pictures lately and I'm just in love with him again.

Sadly, I have my scanlation work to do as well as my heave of real life work, so there's low chance of me being able to play the game everyday at the right time to reach the good end for the characters I haven't got to.

Good News #2:
I can now get the scenarios I didn't get to record and possibly post them on the blog in the future. Yay!
(Oh, now it's not a good news and a bad news... It's two good news and a bad news...)

So, thanks for you all who's been using my blog. (even though I'm away I get happy when I see visit numers go over 100 everyday ^w^ It makes me think I'm doing something useful.)

And please promote the Star Project! Even though Japanese one stopped, English one may continue if they think it's worth continuing!


  1. Do you could upload the Miyoo* scenarios with english subtitles?
    PLEASE! *___*

    * Or any starts, except Touya and Ren.

    1. I have MiYoo's scenario, but I don't think I can start on translating them just yet T^T I have other works to do and subtitling takes time translating and typesetting onto the video (I was extremely bored when I subtitled the PV)
      But, yeah, I'll probably get to it asap since MiYoo is my favorite character too! >w< So pretty and so cool!

  2. I'd prefer having scenario videos uploaded asap. (video and translation are separate) ^___^

  3. There is an error in your survey.
    Although I voted, the results ALWAYS are zero votes.