I noticed more people (using English) are looking up photos...
Just be aware that they contain really strong spoilers and you don't want to ruin your fun when the character actually comes out~ *^^*e! ty

Also, comments always welcomed!

I'm back... for now...

Well, I'm back, for now... My life is busy and I had to stop playing sp... T.T
But, OMG when I went to just check what kind of event is happening in Korea, I saw.... *drum roll*

Concert?! Yoon, Ren, MiYoo are doing a concert together?! Well, it's only their voice actors, but wow... I want to be there... I want to see that....

They're singing:

Love Straight
하루 (Day Dream)
Still You
Twinkle Star
U R My Star (최승훈x이경태 Ver)

Plus a new song... :S they're doing lots of extra performances too... I really hope someone puts it on Youtube... T.T jealous :/